Friday, January 8, 2010

First post of 2010

My intentions were good.

I meant to have at least a few posts here by now but you'll have to go read to catch up :D

I am over all the christmas/holiday foods. So yummy, so rich, so naughty but yet so ....... hmmmmm what's the right word?


No, not quite the right word hahaha

But I'm so ready to move on and back to normal food.

Saturday is the last day for "junk" food in the house for the boys. Dad is back to work next week so that means holiday food is finished (yay screams my purse).

I hope to start menu planning again. I won't promise anything but I'll try to be consistent :D

Now I'm off to have some quick toast for dinner. Boring yes, but appetising at the same time.

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