Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lunchbox Laughings

Today we are back to the grindstone! That's right, back to making school lunches every day for the next 9-11 wks. I haven't been game to count up exactly how many weeks the term hold.

The challenge is to give the kids a healthy, appetizing lunch that they won't bring home or toss in the bin. I stress the word healthy.

My 7 yr old is fine for lunches. He eats just about anything I put in his lunchbox. It Mr5, starting year 1, who is the fussy eater. (Yes, I know, its my fault)

Lucky for me but unlucky for my kids, I am not a tuckshop mum. I don't give my kids tuckshop every week or even every term.


I know, shock, horror. How can I be so cruel.

That's the easy part. Now that my food budget is cut, I don't have the extra $5 to send for food that I can make at home and much more yummy.

So today, the kids will take fresh fruit, a sandwich, a couple of biscuits, yoghurt, cheese sticks and I'll throw in a popper as their treat. Oh I can't forget the muesli bar but this is the last week of store bought muesli bars. From next week on I plan to make muesli bars for them and hubby from a recipe a friend posted at another site.

So stay tuned for more Lunchbox Laughings!


  1. You've been busy on this site !! Lookin' good !! Can't wait to see more of your lunch box laughings !!

  2. Thanks Bonnie. I'm trying to keep up with it now that I've started lol