Thursday, February 26, 2009

Menu Plan Mondays

I've wanted to do this for awhile but for me it was always like a Wednesday due to when my money came in. Now I get my money on Fridays so can then plan my menu and grocery shop on the weekend.

My friend Bonnie has been doing this for ages. Bonnie's MPM

So I hope to follow in her footsteps, get my act together and start planning out the meals for my house :D


  1. This is great Toni ! I can't wait to see what you plan for this week ! I think you will like having your meals planned. It really takes the pressure off at night ... no wondering what to cook ! And ... I'd be surprised if it didn't help your budget as well !!

  2. I think I planned too grandly for this week. I need to take my calculator next shop hahahahaha