Monday, February 9, 2009

Roast Beef Dinners

I cooked a roast beef today with roasted potatoes and other vegies. I really enjoy a good roast on so many different levels.
  1.  I love meat
  2.  I love roast vegies
  3.  I have fond memories of family lunches and dinners where my mum had cooked a roast dinner with the trimming.
From as early on as I remember, we always have a day that was family dinner. Originally this was Sunday lunch as dad worked his own cab and this is the time that fitted in. At this age, there were only 7 of us, my parents, two brothers, two sisters and myself.

For years we had this family meal and for years we had the after-squabble over the dishes lol

As we started to grow older, the roast was moved to Sunday night, then Monday night. By this time our family had grown to 12 people around the table with 3 kiddos coming along not much after. 

It was always such a joy to have all the family together. We would laugh and talk and disagree and start laughing all over again. We had a kitchen clean-up roster so no-one could argue who's turn it was. We were all very organised.

The next thing we knew there were now 20 people around the table to be fed :o How did we get so big so fast. But you know, everyone just fitted in as they could and still came every week.

Eventually, the family Monday dinners slowed down to the once a month get togethers. As the children started to grow up more and kept the parents b
usy, our roast dinners together became non-existent. My younger sister and I didn't have any kids at this time so I sure she, like me, missed the gathering of our family.

Now though, we have our own brood, 3 for her and 3 for me, to add to the mix. Trying to get 26 people around a table is near impossible if you're not at a restaurant. And we would always have an extra seat for nan whenever she came over too.

So now, I've started my own ritual. Saturday nights are our family nights. Literally we only have 1 night a week together as a family so I see this as a very important time in our lives. I generally try to have a roast of some kind cooked and ready to go for our dinner. Sometimes, like last night, and we get to go somewhere else for dinner, my roast waits for the following day. But that's okay! 

Last Saturday night was the first time that my entire family (less 1) was able to come together for a celebration and it was fantastic. Everyone had such a great time. Lots of laughter and no tears.

Ahhhhhhhh the memories!
Our first Roast Dinner after grandchild #1 was born

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  1. love roast beef dinners does bring back memories of growing up, marina